High Tension Ignition Systems - 180-HTI-120

High tension transformer 8kV 180-HTI-120 - Data sheet - Download180-HTI-120 - Data sheet - Download


180-HTI-120 is our high tension ignition system.
It is made with a high tension ignition transformer with 8kV output.
Very performant and simple to use, is suitable to ignite explosive mixture and very useful in FFG system.
It is available in ATEX enclosure Ex d IIC, cast aluminium material.
Code for transformer loose: 180-HTI-120
Code for transformer Ex: 180-HTI-120-Ex 


  • High tension transformer
  • Small dimensions
  • Primary power supply: 110VAC 50/60Hz 1,1A
  • Secondary output: 8kV 15mA
  • HT bobine insulation: phenol + polyester resin BO-therm BC-331/132-DD stabilised at 155°C on class F heater
  • Coil support: magnetic plates 2.3W thk 0.25 100% continuous service
  • Primary: amidester 200 copper wire
    thermal class 200°C
  • Secondary: polysol copper wire
    thermal class 155°C
  • Degree of protection: IP20
  • Easy to install and to connect with quick connector and screw terminals for power supply
  • Complies with DIN 46453 & IEC 815/317-8-20
  • Selfextinguishing UL94 V-0 MC28-W228

  • HT ignition spark plug
  • High tension ignition cable
  • Ex d version