HEI Flare Ignition - 200-HEP-A6Z HEI Flare Ignition

High energy ignition system for flare 
200-HEP-A6Z HEI Flare Ignition - Data sheet - Download200-HEP-A6Z HEI Flare Ignition - Data sheet - Download


The 200-HEP-A6Z HEI flare ignition module mountable on DIN connection with a power discharge of 7J. A booster function has been implemented (four 7J sparks are generated in one second).
Thanks to its power supply requirement (12VDC) it could be use also with a solar panel to ignite system without external power source. This module is microprocessor controlled and it is used also for diagnostic function. It is possible to have special customization programs and sparking sequence.
It could be use for ignite flares, stacks, boilers...
On the front of the module there is a screw that allow to set the discharge frequency: from less than 1 spark each 0,6s till 1 spark each 8s.
200-HEP-A6Z HEI flare ignition could be coupled with a dedicate MDR  power supply that allow to have a power supply from 100 to 240VAC.


  • High energy ignition system
  • HEI flare ignition
  • Power discharge: 7J effective
  • Output voltage: 2kV impulsive
    capacity discharge
  • Discharge frequency: <0,6s to >8s
    adjustable, preset to 5s
  • Booster function: 4x7J/s (as option)
  • Terminal alarm for fault module
  • Fault alarm for TIP FAULT
  • Installation type: DIN connector
  • Power supply : 10-14VDC
    (with option MDR from 100 to 240VAC - 
    also other power supply available on
  • Nominal operating voltage: 2000V
  • Electronics c/w temperature
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Discharge frequences regulations
  • Electronic circuits
  • Degree of protection: IP20
  • Operating temp. range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Storage temperature: -55°C to +55°C
  • Dimensions: 89x74x118mm
  • Unit weight: 500g
  • Enclosure: PVC
  • Connections: screw terminals

  • CE marking
  • UL for MDR power supply