Flame Detector Systems - U2-ALL-IN-ONE

U2-ALL-IN-ONE - data sheet - DownloadU2-ALL-IN-ONE - data sheet - Download


The U2 all-in-one viewing head with integrated signal processor delivers flame discrimination in the toughest environments. With automatic setup and the ability to monitor UV and IR flame components simultaneously or separately, the U2 all-in-one flame scanner offers improved burner up time and reliability. Industrial process burners, multiple burner system.


  • Aluminum housing with tempered glass sight window
  • The U2 can be connected either through a detachable connector or a pipe fitting (PF) for installation with condult.
  • Ambiental Temperature : -40°C to +70°C
  • Degree of protection: IP66, NEMA 4x
  • Housing dimensions: Ø118x155mm
  • Weight: 2,8kg
  • Paint: Silicone free powder coat
  • Mounting/Process Connection: 1"NPT female
  • Pipe fit Condult Connection(-PF): 3/4" NPT
  • Display:
    ○ Full character 4 digit scrolling LEDs visible in the dark or sunlight;
    ○ 3 Discrete single color LEDs flashing with the sensor signal;
  • Touch Screen:
    ○ Full control through the tempered glass touch sensor o Two button interface;
    ○ Circular scroll finger interface / Touch Wheel;
  • SIL3 capable certified
  • EN298:2012