Flame Detector Systems - S55XBE

S55XBE - Data sheet - DownloadS55XBE - Data sheet - Download


Model S550BE is a flame monitoring viewing head utilizing two types of detectors: an IR (infrared) solid-state sensor and a UV (ultraviolet) photo sensor. The S550BE works with the latest version of the P520, P522, P531 and P532 signal processors. Certain parameters in the S550BE viewing head can be selected or adjusted remotely from the front panel of the P520, P522 and P532 signal processors. 

The S552BE is for IR sensing only. The P520, P522, P531 or P532 will be aware of which viewing head of the S55xB family is connected to it so that only those adjustments which are appropriate to the S552BE will be made available to the operator. These adjustments apply to the S552BE: Filter Selection 1-8; IR gain 0-699;

The S556BE is for UV sensing only. It is basically an S550BE without IR capability. The P52x or P53x will be aware of which viewing head of the S55xBE family is connected to it so that only the adjustment which is appropriate to the S556BE will be made available to the operator: UV gain 0-99.


  • T. Amb.: -40°C to 70ºC
  • Degree of protection: IP66
  • Power supply: 24VDC from amplifier
  • Adjustable sensitivity range
  • Housing material: aluminum
  • Auto/Manual Calibration
  • Immune to X-Rays and Gamma radiation
  • IR Flicker - 8 High pass filters, 16 - 215Hz
  • Electronic self-check once a second, viewing head and signal processor (no mechanical moving parts)
  • Connection to the burner: 1” NPTF
  • Purge air connection: 1/2” NPTF
  • Purge air flow required: approx 1,7cbm/h
  • Connection with turk connector
  • Mounting type: adjustable
  • Compatible with all P52x and P53x series signal processor
  • SIL3 “Fit for use”
  • Fail safe
  • According to model:
    ○ Dual UV/IR (S550BE); IR Sensor (S552BE)     UV (S556BE)
    ○ UV Spectral response 190 - 215nm
    ○ Select IR, UV or both simultaneously
    ○ Response UV: 200nm Peak / IR:1400nm      Peak
    ○ Angle of view : IR 1.0° / UV 3.0°