Flame Detector Systems - IRISP522 Amplifier

IRIS P522 Amplifier - Data sheet - DownloadIRIS P522 Amplifier - Data sheet - Download


The IRIS Model P522 is a state of the art flame signal processor. It is designed to be used with the IRIS S5xx, S55x and S55xB series of  Viewing Heads.The IRIS Model P522 shares the same electrical specifications as the IRIS Model P520, however, it is a panel mounted device, whereas the Model P520 is rack mounted. Removable wiring connectors are provided to facilitate installation, and provide ease of removal of the unit if required.In addition to the four LED's on the front panel, a digital readout and bar graph provide constant and concise information on the  system status.The front panel also provides a number of controls for setting up and operation of this microprocessor based flame monitoring signal processor.


  •  Flame signal amplifie
  •  Input flame signal from Viewing Head: Vin 7.5-30 VDC range (input R=3900 Ohms), 13.6 VDC, 3,2mA
  •  P522DC: 22-26VDC, 130mA plus 100mA for each Viewing Head
  •  P522AC: 85-264VAC, 47-440Hz, 0.3A Max
  •  Battery power: 22-26VDC, 130mA plus 100mA for each Viewing Head
  •  Flame relay 2 form C contacts
  • Self-checking relay 1 form C contact
  • Relay contact ratings: 5A at 30VDC, 125VAC and 277VAC
  • Ambient Temperature: 0°C to + 52°C
  • Signal processor to V.H. : 4 conductor, #18AWG one wire with braided shield (IRIS C328)
  • Analog Flame Signal: 0 to 19mA or 4 to 19mA 360 ohm max resistance
  • Power to Viewing Head: fused with self-resetting fuses at 0.25A (+26VDC, fused @0.24A)
  • Dimensions: 182x108x163mm
  • Weight: 0.9kg