Flame Detector Systems - IRIS500 UV IP65

IRIS ultraviolet scanner for safe area IP65 IRIS500 UV IP65 - Data sheet - DownloadIRIS500 UV IP65 - Data sheet - Download


The ultraviolet viewing head is recommended for gas and oil flames. It consist of a gas discharge type sensor with a spectral response only in the UV region, approximately 185 to 300 nanometers with a peak response at 200 nanometers. The highest UV intensity occurs near the flame root (first 30% of the flame) but this zone of higher UV intensity does not overlap the same zone of adiacent or opposing burner so that, with proper sighting, discrimination is predictable


  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • Flame detector unit
  • Fale safe 100%
  • Self checking by mechanical shutter
  • Components checking time for 200ms every 1 second
  • Waves spectrum detected: 185-300nm
  • Quartz optical
  • Trasmittance: 170-2200nm
  • Angle of view: 2.7 maximum
  • Connection to the burner: 1"NPTF
  • Purge air connection: 1/2" NPTF
  • Purge air flow required 0,5ncm/h
  • Electrical connection: 3/4"NPTF
  • To be use with IRIS500-MAD or
    IRIS500-MA flame amplifiers