Flame Detector Systems - IRIS P531 P532

IRIS P531 - P532 - Data sheet - DownloadIRIS P531 - P532 - Data sheet - Download


The Models P531and P532 feature a new design in flame monitoring technology. The dual processor system is capable of monitoring three viewing heads 
simultaneously. It can also monitor both UV and IR separately from one S55xx viewing head. In addition, three marginal alarm relays can be configured to provide a secondary indication if the flame count falls below set point or if a viewing head temperature reaches 70°C.


  • Flame signal amplifier
  • Dimensions:
  • P531/P532= 182x108x150mm
  • Model P531 AC version, P532 AC version:
    ○ Primary Input Power: 85 - 264 VAC, 47-63Hz
    ○ Battery Backup Voltage: 24VDC (voltage above 24volt will be the power source)
  • Model P531 DC version, P532 DC version:
    ○ Primary Input Power: 24VDC
    ○ Battery Backup Voltage: 24VDC (power source is taken from the highest voltage)
    ○ Power: (DC unit tested at 100ms sam pling time);
        ○ 13.2 Watts max. Average (including 2 viewing heads)
        ○ 16.2 Watts max. Peak (including 3 heads in normal operation)
  • Flame Relay: 3 channels of 2 Form C Contacts (DPDT)
  • Self-Check Relay: 1 channel of 1 Form C Contact (SPDT)
  • Contact Rating: 5A at 32VDC and at 250VAC