FFG Flame Front Generators - Spark Plug

Spark Plug - Data sheet - DownloadSpark Plug - Data sheet - Download IECEx EUT_16.0007X - Certificate downloadIECEx EUT_16.0007X - Certificate download EPT 16 ATEX 2490 X - Certificate downloadEPT 16 ATEX 2490 X - Certificate download


The flame front generator spark plugs are devices composed by an Ex terminal box c/w a cerfied spark plug to be used in a flame front generator combustion chamber as a high tension ignition device (CE2K-SP-AL/SS) or a piezo ignition device (CE2K-PZ-AL/SS)


  • Box material: painted Al or SS316L
  • Nipple material: Stainless Steel 316L
  • Degree of protection: IP66
  • Temperature of the assembling: -30°C to +75°C T6
  •  Max. rated voltage: 690 Vac / dc
  • Max. rated impulse voltage: 8kV (max. 10sec.)
  • Continuous service
  • Cable connection: ¾” NPT with reduction from 1” NPT

  • Nipple ATEX certificate nr. : EPT 16 ATEX 2490 X
  • Nipple IECEx certificate nr. : IECEx EUT 16.0007X
  • Box ATEX certificate nr. :  FTZÚ 15 ATEX 0182X
  • Box IECEx certificate nr. : FTZÚ 15.0035X

  • CE2K-SP-AL (Spark Plug Aluminium)
  • CE2K-SP-SS (Spark Plug Stainless Steel 316L)
  • CE2K-PZ-AL (Piezo Aluminium)
  • CE2K-PZ-SS (Piezo Stainless Steel 316L)