Ex de Aircraft Warning Lights - L864-LXS-Ex Medium Intensity red

Medium intensity 2.000cd Ex beacon L864-LXS-Ex Medium Intensity red - Data sheet - DownloadL864-LXS-Ex Medium Intensity red - Data sheet - Download ATEX - INERIS 01ATEX0019X - Certificate downloadATEX - INERIS 01ATEX0019X - Certificate download IECEx - IECEx INE 15.0031X  - Certificate downloadIECEx - IECEx INE 15.0031X - Certificate download ASD404-CERT-024-2017  - Malaysian certificate - Certificate downloadASD404-CERT-024-2017 - Malaysian certificate - Certificate download


MIOL B Ex d - MIOL C Ex d (Medium Intensity Obstruction Light). Medium intensity obstruction light, multiled type. In compliance with ICAO Annex 14 Type B, Type C and FAA L-864. Single or twin, night only, flashing or steady burning, red.  

Patent achieved with the contribution of Regione Lombardia_Call for Bids "Research & Innovation_Measure F"


  • Based on LED technology
  • 2.000cd night mode, RED flashing for MIOL-B Ex
  • 2.000cd night mode, RED steady burning MIOL-C Ex
  • Long life time >10 years life expectancy
  • Low consumption
  • Stabilised light output
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Low wind load factor
  • Easy to install
  • No RF-radiations
  • Degree of protection: IP66
  • Operating temperature: -52°C to +40°C/+60°C
  • Weight: 15kg

  • Twin version: two galvanically separated circuits in the same fixture
  • Infrared available