AWL Retractable and Lowering Systems - Rope Lowering System - from 0m to 60m

Rope Lowering System - Data sheet - DownloadRope Lowering System - Data sheet - Download


The LUXSOLAR Rope Lowering System (LXS-LWS-C), is the simple solution for installing equipment on elevated structures, otherwise difficult to reach without special safety precautions, allowing an easy maintenance from working elevation (be it on land or gangways level), minimizing the risk to operators and maintainers of falls and inhale the fumes.


  • Steel Rope
  • Devices moved with manual winch
  • Stainless steel rope
  • Device’s power supply cable rises withthe beacon
  • No ladders, no platforms required
  • Operating temperature between -40°C and +300°C
  • Max elevation: 60m
  • Max rope lenght: 60m
  • Patent pending